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The pictures below are all personal photos from Wayne's time in the Military Police. Click on the thumbnail to view the full-size version.

Author in front of the MP barracks at Fort MacArthur, California. Winter 1961 [91kb]

Author in summer uniform within weeks of arriving at Fort MacArthur in summer of 1961 [124kb]

Author at the MP desk in Pasadena in May 1962 [73kb]

Author in front of Pasadena Area Support Command in April 1962 [134kb]

Author in front of Building 600,Fort Richardson, Alaska fall of 1962 [94kb]

Author in modified winter uniform, Alaska, early spring 1963 [111kb]

Author with the new econoline pickup in Alaska, winter 1962-63 [93kb]

Author on patrol, late winter 1963-64 [95kb]

Author at flag ceremony, summer of 1963, Fort Richardson MP barracks in background. [95kb]

Author at outdoor hockey practice winter 63-64 (Note, no masks or helmets) [73kb]

Drawing of TA-21 winter uniform layers. Note 'Mickey Mouse' boots [87kb]

The author today [234kb]

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